1. Here’s me teaching Camila the concept of pooping. I’m telling her to push it out in spanish lol #CutePooper

  2. Last night i got a surprise bday party with a bad ass cake surrounded by good people. Thank you @tinymartita i love you and thank you to everyone who came thru! (Cake by @jessiescakess)

  3. Always in the go. #BusyBaby

  4. Happy #Easter y’all!

  5. corpsepose:

    happy easter

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  7. Never gets old hahaha

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  8. So much love on my bday tho. I been on this planet for 26 years today. (at Shalizaar Restaurant)

  9. My first day of being 26 begins with some exploring and meditation. With the bro-cuz @casadeorellana (at Mavericks, California)